PressTV-‘US must avoid military conflict with North Korea’

The American public and international community must pressure the United States to avoid a military conflict with North Korea, since a war would be devastating for both sides, a human rights expert and peace activist says.

“It would be very unlikely for there to be military conflict between the United States and North Korea,” said Daniel Kovalik, who teaches international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Obviously, any such conflict would be devastating, particularly to North Korea,” Kovalik told Press TV on Wednesday.

“But, given the current state of affairs, given frankly the current person who is sitting in the Oval Office, I do not totally discount the possibility of some sort of war or conflict,” he added.

“I think the world should be concerned about it and I think that people need to put pressure particularly on the United States to refrain from any military actions…

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