PressTV-US movement seeks to axe Electoral College system

A Democratic-led struggle, titled Popular Vote Movement, which is gaining momentum across the United States, seeks to strike down the so-called Electoral College system, which has cost the party heavily in presidential elections.

The system overrides the popular vote, which gives the victory to the candidate winning the most ballots. It instead makes 538 electors across different states, who are chosen based on each state’s representation in Congress, liable for electing the chief executive. Therefore, if a contestant secures at least 270 of the electoral votes, they have won the presidential race.

On Sunday, however, the NPR reported that as many as 11 US states, including New York, California, and New Jersey, had joined the Popular Vote Movement along with the District of Columbia. Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico were also trying to make their respective states back the drive, it added.

The US government’s website states that the…

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