PressTV-US military expects 2 years of combat in Somalia

The US Defense Department has presented the White House with a military plan that expects at least two more years of combat operation against suspected terrorists in Somalia, amid the escalating campaign of US drone strikes there, according to a report.

The proposed plan for Somalia would be the first under new rules secretly signed by US President Donald Trump in October for drone strikes and commando raids outside conventional battlefields, The New York Times reported Sunday, citing US officials familiar with internal deliberations.

The US military has carried out about 30 airstrikes in Somalia this year, twice as many as in 2016. Nearly all have come since June, including a bombing last month that killed over 100 suspected al-Shabab militants.

Trump’s reported new policy for the targeted killing of terrorism suspects is said to exempt high-level vetting by US counterterrorism agencies, a sign that the Pentagon does not envision a quick…

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