PressTV-‘US labels opposing media propaganda outlets’

The United States labels any media that is not in line with its own ideas as a propaganda outlet, says a commentator, adding that Washington’s treatment of Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi in order to pressure Iran is against the law.    

“The United States administration, they always, every journalist or every news agency or media or TV channel that does not speak in their language and does not talk what they want, they call it propaganda. If it is the Iranian media or it is the Syrian media or any other media in the world that does not go with what they want, they call it propaganda but the number one propaganda is their media and their news agencies,” Steven Sahiounie told Press TV in an interview on Saturday.

“What the United States is trying to do by arresting Ms. Hashemi, that is against the law for arresting without giving charges or even arresting a person who is just a witness. So what the United States is doing is a…

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