PressTV-US judge insists immigration crackdown ‘destroys families’

A US federal judge in the southwest state of New Mexico who has issued deportation sentences for more than 15,000 immigrants has expressed weariness over a persisting immigration crackdown that he insists “destroys” families.

“I have presided over a process that destroys families for a long time, and I am weary of it,” said Robert Brack on Saturday in an interview with the US-based daily The Los Angeles Times. “And I think we as a country are better than this.”

Brack further conceded that the majority of the thousands he had sentenced were immigrants with little or no criminal record.

“I get asked the question, ‘How do you continue to do this all day every day?’ I recognize the possibility that you could get hard-edged, you could get calloused, doing what I do,” he also emphasized, noting: “I don’t. Every day it’s fresh. I can’t look a father and a husband in the eye and not feel empathy.”

According to the daily, however, federal judges…

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