PressTV-‘US ICBMs can cause accidental nuclear war’

Arms-control specialists and nuclear strategists have called on the United States to scrap its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) because they are most likely to cause accidental nuclear war with Russia.

Bruce Blair — a Princeton specialist on nuclear disarmament — told Reuters in a special report published on Wednesday that the US president would have only about 10 minutes to decide whether to fire ICBMs at Russia if early warning systems show that Moscow has just launched their ICBMs at the United States.  

“It is a case of use or lose them,” said Blair, who also once served as an ICBM launch control officer.

A snap decision is required because American missile silos have known, fixed locations, and US strategists fear Russia would try to target the American missiles before they could be used for retaliation.

Arms-control specialists have said that “of all weapons in the US nuclear arsenal, the ICBM is the one most likely…

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