PressTV-US gun violence ‘human rights crisis’: Amnesty

The gun violence situation in the United States has grown into a full blown “human rights crisis” amid inaction from the US government, says Amnesty International.

In a scathing report on Wednesday, the UK-based human rights group blasted the lack of preventive measures such as a national registration system for gun owners and loose laws that allow people to own handguns without a license or permit in 30 US states.

The report said “all aspects of American life have been compromised in some way by the unfettered access to guns, with no attempts at meaningful national regulation.”

“The US government is prioritizing gun ownership over basic human rights. While many solutions have been offered, there has been a stunning lack of political will to save lives,” said Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA.

“Despite the huge number of guns in circulation and the sheer numbers of people killed by guns each year,…

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