PressTV-US government shutdown crisis enters second month

The United States entered the second month of a partial government shutdown on Tuesday over Congress’ failure to approve a budget to fund several federal agencies, with no quick end in sight to the historic crisis weighing on the nation’s economy and morale.

Since December 22, a quarter of the US government has been closed because of an impasse between opposition Democratic Party lawmakers and the Republican administration of President Donald Trump over funding for a wall at the border with Mexico to block illegal immigration.

Trump refuses to endorse a budget that does not contain $5.7 billion to build the barrier, a key promise of his 2016 election campaign.

Democrats oppose the wall, calling it “immoral,” costly and ineffective. They want the government reopened before any discussion of the matter.

Trump made a new proposal on Saturday which he said aimed to end the shutdown It offered to extend temporary protection to about a million…

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