PressTV-US fears closer EU military ties could undermine NATO

Defense ministers with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have met in Brussels to discuss Washington’s concerns over EU plans for closer military ties between the bloc’s members, and increasingly strained US-Turkey relations.

The US is concerned that EU plans for closer military ties between the bloc’s members risk undermining NATO as the alliance confronts Russia.

On Tuesday US ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison ramped up the pressure, warning the EU that there could be serious consequences if it shuts US arms companies out of cooperation projects.

“Certainly we do not want this to be a protectionist vehicle for the EU and we’re going to watch carefully, because if that becomes the case then it could splinter the strong security alliance that we have,” she told reporters.

Katie Wheelbarger, a senior Pentagon official who covers NATO, said the US wanted to ensure that any closer EU co-operation did not detract from…

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