PressTV-US embassy In Turkey closed over threats

The US embassy in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, will be closed to the public from Monday until further announcement because of a “security threat” while US citizens in the country have been advised to “keep a low profile.”

The embassy, located in the Kavaklidere district of Ankara, said in an alert on Sunday that it “will announce the reopening once it resumes services.”

The embassy advised Americans to steer clear of the embassy, stay away from large crowds, let friends and family members know about safety status and monitor the local media outlets.

“Heighten your personal security posture and awareness if you choose to visit popular tourist sites, shopping malls, shopping districts, and sports and entertainment venues,” the security alert said.

The US embassy was the target of a 2013 suicide bombing claimed by a far-left group that killed a Turkish security guard.

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