PressTV-‘US efforts toward regime change in Iran will fail’

The United States and its “great deceivers” have failed in their attempts to bring regime change to Iran because the policy is based on “absolute lies,” says an American political analyst.

Scott Bennett, a former US military psychological warfare officer, made the remarks in an interview regarding a recent appearance by US President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, at an event held by notorious MKO terrorists in Paris.

Addressing the annual rally, the former New York mayor and White House cyber security adviser called for regime change in Iran and said he would like “to have this convention in Tehran” next year.

Speaking to Press TV on Sunday, Bennett said the appearance at the event by Giuliani was a failed attempt to “bolster this propaganda line that Iranian people are oppressed and in need of government/regime change” and another example of “a long list of diabolical, failed, ruinous policies that we see…

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