PressTV-US continues to violate UN resolutions on Syria: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denounced as “illegitimate” the military presence of American troops in Syria, stressing that the US continues to violate the main resolutions of the UN Security Council on the war-torn Arab country despite a troop withdrawal announcement.

Lavrov made the remark in an interview with Russia’s Sputnik news agency on Monday as he was commenting on a recent announcement by US President Donald Trump on the future of American armed forces in Syria.

“The solution to the illegitimate and armed presence of the US in Syria might be difficult,” Russian foreign minister said.

“Washington continually puts new conditions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria despite of [the fact] that these principles are mentioned by the main resolutions of the Security Council,” Lavrov said, adding, “Let’s see what the result of leaving Syria, which was announced by US President Donald…

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