PressTV-US climate activists set up camp at UN climate talks

Hundreds of US cities, states, businesses and churches have set up a camp at the UN climate talks in Poland in an effort to show that many people in the United States remain committed to curbing global warming despite the stance of US President Donald Trump.

The symbolic move took place Friday during the opening of the US Climate Action Center alongside pavilions from Britain, Poland and New Zealand, The Associated Press reported.

The Climate Action Center is a network representing a coalition of more than 3,500 US mayors and governors, as well as business and faith leaders from all 50 states, who are seeking to stem the causes of climate change.

It was in contrast with the low-key presence of the official US government delegation at the two weeks of talks in the Polish city of Katowice.

Envoys from the Trump administration, have set up a cubicle away from the main concourse. They currently have one public event planned Monday promoting US…

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