PressTV-US boosts Venezuela spy flights amid threats of invasion

The US military has been flying more reconnaissance flights near Venezuela over the past few days to collect intelligence that could come handy in case of a military action against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, two American military officials say.

The unnamed officials told CNN on Monday that the US spy aircraft stayed in international airspace as they flew off the coast of the South American country.

They did not detail which specialized US military reconnaissance aircraft were being used for the mission. Both the US Navy and Air Force maintain several large fixed-wing aircraft that can snoop communications from a distance while keeping an eye on military movements.

Unconfirmed social media reports identified one of the aircraft as a USAF Boeing RC-135V. The plane flew off Venezuelan cost for six hours to reportedly gather information on the country’s slew of advanced air defense systems, including the Russian-made S-300.


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