PressTV-US accuses China of spy campaign on LinkedIn

The United States has accused Chinese intelligence agencies of using fake LinkedIn accounts in a bid to recruit US citizens who have access to government and commercial secrets.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, William Evanina, the US counter-intelligence chief, said that intelligence and law enforcement officials had informed LinkedIn of China’s “super aggressive” efforts on the site.

Evanina alleged that the Asian country’s espionage agencies contact thousands of LinkedIn members at a time, but declined to give further details like how many Americans may have been contacted.

Previously, German and British authorities had told their citizens that Beijing was allegedly using LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft Corp., in order to recruit them as spies. But this is the first time a US official has made such an allegation, saying it is a bigger problem now than before.

Evanina urged LinkedIn to look at copying the response of…

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