PressTV-‘United States biggest source of environmental pollution’

The United States is the biggest source of environmental pollution in the world, says a commentator, adding that it is not possible to combat climate change unless there is a global effort.       

“We look at the United States that had just spent trillions of dollars on upping its nuclear arsenal, it keeps the more defense spending and the number one polluter in the world, the number one cause of all pollution across the world is the military and the world’s biggest military is the United States. So for climate change and global warming to really be attacked, would require a herculean effort globally from all the world’s largest countries and I think it is safe to say that is not going to happen,” John Steppling told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.  

“It is going to take this kind of apocalyptic climatic change to probably spear any kind of movement. It is not going to happen through these accords, Copenhagen in 2009, and…

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