PressTV-Understaffing caused UK prison crisis: Report

A new report has shown that the United Kingdom’s Prison Service actually failed to hire the staff it urgently needed in its prison facilities.

The report by the Observer published on Saturday showed that the Prison Service failed to replace hundreds of senior staff and management who had left the organization in the past five years.

The report said the understaffing caused “dangerous” flaws in the prison system in the UK, leading to situations like what has been reported as an acute crisis in the HMP Birmingham, the main prison facility in the second largest city in Britain.

The data obtained by the Observer from the Ministry of Justice showed that only two senior prison managers had joined the prison service in the past five years to replace some 40 who had left. It said one of those two managers quit less than a year after he was hired. It showed that positions of 295 custodial managers who had left the body remained vacant as only…

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