PressTV-‘UK’s top spy agency viewed blacks as threat’

Britain’s internal spying apparatus, the MI5, viewed black people as security risk and refused to give them sensitive positions, the agency’s declassified documents have revealed.

After scouring through papers released by the interdepartmental committee on security, Dan Lomas, a University of Salford professor, that the racial discrimination within the MI5’s senior officials dated back to the 1960s.

The papers, which belong to a period when then-Labour government considered introducing racial equality legislation in 1967, revealed increasing concerns within the agency’s ranks about proposed laws that made it illegal to not employ a person on the grounds of color.

Those proposals went on to become enshrined in the 1968 Race Relations Act.

British security chiefs feared that allowing people from ethnic minorities to get positions in secretive agencies posed a security risk because they allegedly lacked the information required for…

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