PressTV-UK’s MI5 to combat extreme rightwing terrorism: Report

The MI5 domestic intelligence service of Britain has taken over the responsibility in combating extreme right-wing terrorism in the country as fears grow that white supremacists are increasing their efforts to foment violent racial conflict in the UK

The Guardian newspaper said in a report on Sunday that MI5 will lead the mission to monitor far-right extremism, a responsibility that had previously been assigned to the British police.

The MI5 has earlier been tasked with countering terrorism linked to Takfiri ideologies, like Daesh and al-Qaeda, and those related to a separatist movement in Northern Ireland.

The Guardian said the new move to assign the MI5 with countering the far-right rise came after months of negotiations between the intelligence service, the police, and senior government officials.

It said the decision came after British authorities felt the rise of Islamophobic and anti-immigrant voices in the country had become a case of…

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