PressTV-UK’s Irish border remains a Brexit hurdle: EU sources

European officials have emphasized any transition agreement on Brian’s exit from the European Union is contingent upon finding a solution to the Irish border as part of a wider Brexit deal with the EU.  

Senior UK and EU officials are due to meet this weekend in Brussels, ahead of an EU27 Brexit summit on Friday, where many stress the best the UK can get is a political text, not a legally binding treaty giving cast-iron security for companies across Europe, as the issue of Ireland’s border remains unsolved.

EU negotiators “will make it crystal clear that this agreement on transition is only a political agreement”, a senior source familiar with the talks told the Guardian.

“The whole agreement on the withdrawal will be contingent on a solution on [Northern] Ireland,” the source said. “And it is politically unthinkable that we would wrap up everything and that you wouldn’t have a solution on the Irish border. The Irish would…

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