PressTV-UK’s anti terror strategy causes fears among Muslims

The UK’s anti-terror policy known as the “Prevent Strategy” has caused “persecution fears” among British Muslims, a new report has found.

According to a report by a social cohesion commission set up in Manchester to investigate extremism and social unity, the Muslim community in Manchester has suffered from a sharp rise in hate crimes targeting the community since the Manchester Arena bombing on 22 May 2017.

The Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, who set up the cohesion commission, found that Muslims have been subject to “frequent” hate attacks as a result of growing public animosity which is likely fuelled by the government’s Prevent Strategy.

The Prevent Strategy was set up by the UK government in 2003 with the purpose of preventing people from becoming radicalised and committing terror attacks. 

But the Muslim community has complained that it demonizes Islam and Muslims, portraying them as terrorists and peddling fear of…

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