PressTV-UK’s £850mn missile system enters service

The UK says its new £850 million missile defense system has completed all trials and is ready to be deployed across the world onboard the Royal Navy warships.

Dubbed the Sea Ceptor, the missile system is designed to protect the Royal Navy from “intensifying threats,” British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson will announce later on Thursday.

“Sea Ceptor will protect our nation against the intensifying threats we face today and in the future, giving our ships a powerful shield against everything from supersonic missiles to enemy fighter jets,” he will say.

The system is said to be capable of launching missiles at speeds up to mach 3 or 2,301mph – three times the speed of sound, protecting an area of around 500 square miles over land or sea.

British commanders said the system is a major upgrade over the Seawolf missile system, which is currently in use.

All of the British navy’s Type 23 frigates, including the HMS Argyll and…

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