PressTV-‘UK used US as dumb giant to pursue colonial policies’

The spirit of the silk-road and cooperation between Russia, China and the US has contributed to peace in the Korean peninsula, an activist and journalist in Washington says.

Mike Billington, the Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, told Press TV on Tuesday that the Trump administration has distanced itself from British imperial policy of regime change in North Korea and has accepted to cooperate with Russia and China.

He said the Korea model should be followed in other international tensions and said a looming meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin could also resolve tensions with Iran and find a solution to the Syrian conflict.

“Those are all possibilities, I’m not forecasting this, but I’m saying we are in a moment of transformation in human history… in which the entire British imperial division of the world into east versus west, which depended on their ability to use the United…

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