PressTV-UK urged to raise military budget to counter Russia

The British armed forces require a significant increase in funding to counter threats posed by Russia, a British parliamentary panel has warned.

In a report released Sunday, the Commons Defense Committee warned that the government of Prime Minister Theresa May needed to raise military spending from 2 percent of the total GDP to 3 percent if it wanted to prevent British forces from becoming “outgunned” by their Russian peers.

This means May needs to save around £20 billion ($26.5bn) a year in other sectors and increase military investment to levels that have only been seen immediately after the end of Cold War.

Dubbed Beyond 2 Percent, the report warned that failure to finance the military at these levels was going to make it “very difficult” to maintain the UK’s long-term strategy to address its military needs.

The committee warned that a lack of vehicle-mounted anti-tank weapons and “serious deficiencies in the quantities of…

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