PressTV-‘UK to suffer £252bn hit if leaves EU without deal’

A new study shows that the British economy will suffer a £252bn hit if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.

The new analysis, which is based on a controversial UK government report, reveals that a no-deal Brexit would see GDP plummet by more than a quarter of a trillion pounds over 15 years.

The study shared with The Independent also shows that the damage would be cut in half if Prime Minister Theresa May strikes a free trade agreement with the bloc.

British Prime Minister Theresa May

That agreement would still result in national output being £131bn lower over the same period, according to the analysis.

Even if Britain stays in the European single market, there will still be a loss of 52 billion pounds over this period, shows the research done by the Best for Britain Group.

The research fully exposed the “Brexit black hole at heart of the economy,” said the group.

“Sadly, now we are seeing the economic analysis becoming…

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