PressTV-UK to pull fighter jets from Syria after US withdrawal

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) is set to call back more than half of its fighter jets from Syria after US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from the Arab country.

British commanders confirmed on Monday that at least eight RAF Tornado jets would return to their bases in the UK next month, reducing to six the total number of British aircraft committed to the US-led aerial campaign in the country, the Daily Mail reported.

The decision comes after Trump’s announcement in December that US military forces were going to evacuate Syria as their mission to “defeat Daesh” had come to an end.

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The US and Britain, alongside their other allies, have been pounding alleged Daesh positions in Syria since 2014.

Besides fighter jets, London has also deployed a number of its special forces to parts of Syria to carry out secret missions in coordination with over 2,000 American troops stationed in various bases…

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