PressTV-UK soccer club shelters homeless in freezing winter

A UK football club has offered accommodation to homeless people as freezing temperatures threaten thousands of rough-sleepers across Britain.

The Crystal Palace Football Club, located in Croydon, in south London, said it will turn a room inside its Selhurst Park stadium to an emergency shelter for at least 10 people as temperatures drop to below zero in the area, the Guardian newspaper said in a report. 

The soccer club said the rooms will accommodate the rough-sleepers at nights and club staff will return the space to normal use in the mornings. It said the rough-sleepers will be referred to other emergency shelters in the area or other districts of London during the team’s home games.

“The club wants to be a force for good in the community and we are happy to do our bit to help those most in need,” said the club chief executive, Phil Alexander.

The decision comes as homelessness has hit record highs in large British cities like…

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