PressTV-UK royals only there to entertain masses: Guardian

A columnist of the Guardian newspaper has argued that the continued hostility of the British tabloid media toward an American member of the royal family is a sign that the royals have no function but to entertain the masses.

Suzanne Moore wrote in her column published on Monday that UK tabloids have been “hostile” and “toxic” toward Meghan Markle, the former American movie star who married Prince Harry, the grandson of the ruling Queen Elizabeth II, in May last year.

The columnist said the way the press have treated Meghan was another proof that the royals who live on hundreds of millions of taxpayer money each year were only there to feed entertaining stories to the media.

“The drip of toxicity towards Meghan continues, reminding us that the royals’ key function is to provide a reality show for the masses and the media,” said Moore, adding that it was clear from the beginning of Meghan’s wedding to Harry that the addition of…

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