PressTV-UK reports 2nd train stabbing in New Year

A 51-year-old father has been stabbed to death while traveling with his only son on a train to London in the second such knife crime incident during New Year holidays in the United Kingdom.

Police on Saturday identified the victim of the violent assault on a train in Surrey as Lee Pomeroy, saying the “devoted family man,” as described by his family, was on his way to the capital with his son for a day out when he was fatally stabbed by another passenger.

The incident was the second to come from knife crimes in the British railway network in the New Year holidays. Three people were critically injured in a Manchester train station in on the New Year’s Eve, in what authorities believe was a terrorist attack.

This image published in the British media shows Lee Pomeroy, a father of one who was stabbed to death while on a train to London on January 4, 2019. 

Pomeroy, the victim of the Friday assault on Surrey train, was pronounced dead in the…

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