PressTV-UK public must decide Brexit fate: Expert

People in the United Kingdom should be given the chance to express their opinion on how the country would leave the European Union in March of next year, a political analyst says.

Rodney Shakespeare, an author and a former academic from London, told Press TV on Sunday that increasing uncertainty about how Brexit will take shape has made it necessary for the public in the UK to have more of a say on the details of a deal that could regulate the future relations between Britain and the EU.

“There is not going to be a solution coming from the politicians, the only way for now is for the people of the land top make the proposal,” said Shakespeare, elaborating that the British parliament is deeply divided on who to deal with over the details of Brexit.

The expert said those who want a so-called hard Brexit have in fact no clear economic policy to manage the economic situation after Britain leaves the EU, adding that such a situation could…

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