PressTV-‘UK preparing to launch US rockets into space’

The UK could soon be launching US spacecraft into space as part of its plans to foray into new markets after leaving the European Union (EU), according to a new report.

Desperate for a trade deal with the US, officials from Prime Minister Theresa May’s government met with their American counterparts last week to talk trade, and space was a key item on their agenda, the Telegraph reported Sunday.

London wants to make sure that America’s space technology matches its safety and environmental standards, while also reassuring the Americans that their knowledge and know-how will be used securely in Britain.

Under the new program, the UK plans to build a spaceport complete with launch rockets beginning from 2020 to make sure that various commercial operators, including those from the US, can use the site.

The country is also putting new airspace regulations into place in an effort to keep up with the latest rocket, satellite and spacecraft…

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