PressTV-UK PM’s Party urged to tackle Islamophobia

Britain’s largest Muslim group has called on Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party to take action against Islamophobic views among some members.

The Muslim Council of Britain said Thursday that instances of Islamophobia involving conservative candidates and representatives were happening on a “more than weekly” basis and Tories needed to launch an inquiry to make sure “racists and bigots have no place in the party.”

“We want all political parties to ensure that they are firm in their commitment against all forms of bigotry and discrimination,” Harun Khan, Muslim Council of Britain’s general secretary, said in a letter to the Conservative Party chairman.

“Our democracy should not be overshadowed by a divisive culture within political parties that scapegoats minorities and alienates some who share similar political positions.”

The incidents ranged from offensive tweets to accusations of links to far-right figures, the council…

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