PressTV-UK PM to suffer humiliating defeat on Brexit: Analyst

A political analyst from London believes that the highly-anticipated vote in the British parliament on a European Union withdrawal agreement would end in a “humiliating defeat” for the government.

Adam Garrie said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday that Prime Minister Theresa May had a little chance of going through the House of Commons with her controversial Brexit deal in a vote planned for later in the day.

“There is a slim possibility that enough members of Theresa May’s party are convinced to vote for the deal is some sort of last minute … behind-the-scenes agreement,” said he analyst.

However, Garrie said the defeat for May’s Brexit deal would not be as calamitous as it has been claimed by many of her critics.

“I don’t think it is going to fail by as big a margin as some are claiming,” he said, adding, “It’s nevertheless is going to be a fairly humiliating defeat for the current government.”

The Commons…

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