PressTV-UK PM to seek second parliament vote on her Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May intends to give the UK parliament a second chance to approve a Brexit deal with the European Union as soon as possible.

A spokesman for May said on Monday that the government could hold a second vote in the House of Commons on an improved version of its Brexit deal as soon as possible.

The official said the government was still negotiating with the EU to gain some concessions on the Brexit agreement, a document signed in November and rejected by the Commons on January 15.

He said holding a second vote on the Brexit deal would be a certain possibility, adding that he could not imagine any circumstances under which parliament would not be given another chance to vote on the agreement before the official departure date from the EU on March 29.

The spokesman also reiterated that May was committed to leaving the EU on that date regardless of what happens in the Commons in the upcoming weeks.

The official…

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