PressTV-UK PM to pull parliamentary vote on Brexit: Reports

Sources close to the British government have indicated that Prime Minister Theresa May is to postpone a crucial vote in parliament on her European Union withdrawal agreement.

The BBC and The Guardian newspaper reported Monday that May was to make an announcement on the decision to pull the vote, which had been planned for Tuesday, after she reportedly failed to win support of enough Conservative Party lawmakers for her Brexit deal.

The office of the Speaker of the House of Commons said May would give an oral statement to the chamber at 3.30 pm. Leader of the conservatives in the House and Brexit minister will also make statements about the postponement and its procedural details, said the reports.

Many had expected that May would eventually fail in her attempts to go through parliament with the draft Brexit deal she signed with the EU last month. May had warned repeatedly that if her agreement was rejected, she would go on with the process…

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