PressTV-UK PM slams EU Brexit proposal, says will never agree

British Prime Minister Theresa May says a European Union draft proposal for Northern Ireland’s border threatens the “constitutional integrity” of the UK, and that she will “never” agree to it

“The draft legal text the Commission have published would, if implemented, undermine the UK common market and threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK by creating a customs and regulatory border down the Irish Sea, and no UK prime minster could ever agree to it,” May said Wednesday at the weekly Prime Minister Question session in the British House of Commons.

May declared she will be making it clear to EU officials that her government will never sign up to the document: “I will be making it crystal clear to President Juncker and others that we will never do so.”

The EU’s draft withdrawal agreement includes a proposal to effectively keep Northern Ireland inside the bloc’s single market and customs union in order to ensure there will…

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