PressTV-‘UK PM right in demanding compromise on Brexit’

British Prime Minister Theresa May is right in demanding a compromise in the parliament about her controversial European Union withdrawal agreement, a political analyst from London says, arguing the House of Commons had no choice but to accept May’s Brexit deal if they want to avoid a huge political and economic catastrophe.  

“Very broadly Theresa May is right in saying that something they (MPs) have to be prepared to take the tough decisions and … no individual MP can expect to get everything that he or she wants,” said Rodney Shakespeare in an interview with the Press TV on Sunday.

The comments came as May reiterated her plea for approval of the government’s Brexit deal in a Tuesday vote of the Commons, saying in a newspaper article that the MPs needed to set aside personal and political interests and think of their country first.

Shakespeare said the political stand-off in the Commons were directly a result of growing…

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