PressTV-UK parliament grills May ahead of leadership vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has attended a rowdy session of the parliament to answer questions on her controversial European Union divorce deal as members of her Conservative Party prepare for a heated contest on her leadership.

During the Wednesday session of the House of Commons, May responded to questions from opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other lawmakers, many of them asking when the PM will finally put her Brexit deal to the chamber for a final vote.

May ditched most of those questions by saying that she would submit the deal before the January 21 deadline while reiterating that she was waiting for decisions about the deal in an EU summit planned for Thursday and Friday.

“There is an EU council meeting, and further discussions to be held. The date of the vote will be announced in the normal way,” said May.

Corbyn repeatedly grilled May and questioned her belief in the parliamentary supervision of the Brexit…

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