PressTV-‘UK officials tampering with rough-sleeping data’

Officials in the United Kingdom have been deliberately tampering with the data on rough-sleeping in order to hide the real scale of the crisis in the country, according to a new report.

The Guardian newspaper said on Monday that statistics provided by councils in England had been tampered with so that officials could show that destitution and rough-sleeping in their areas had decreased last year.

The newspaper said the reported 2-percent fall in rough-sleeping in England last year was not true because councils had decided to change their counting methods in a deliberate bid to pretend that the crisis was under control.

The report said more than 30 councils had switched to a new system of counting rough-sleepers which takes into account a one-night snapshot of the problem on the streets of their cities. It said, however, that under the previous and more accepted model, statistics are collected in cooperation with agencies who work closely with…

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