PressTV-UK must ‘fully’ leave EU customs union: Johnson

Britain must be “fully out” of the EU customs union after Brexit in order to be a global trading nation, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Monday, piling further pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May.

“Now is our moment not to be less European — we can do a great trade deal with the EU that will benefit both sides — but to be truly global again,” Johnson wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

Speaking after a long tour of South America, Johnson said countries in the region had been “emphatic” and told him: “If this is to work, we must come fully out of the EU customs union”.

For Britain to be a “valid trading partner, then we must take back control — as the PM has said — of our tariff schedules, and do deals that are unhindered and uncomplicated,” he said.

With just one month to go until a critical European Union summit, the British government is deeply divided over its plans for future trade ties with the bloc after Britain’s…

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