PressTV-UK Labour vows to replace Conservative Party

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says his party will occupy “new center ground” in the UK because the Conservative Party is “finished.”

In his New Year message, Corbyn said that “we are being held back by a self-serving elite, who look after themselves and their friends and a failed system which delivers staggering wealth at the top, while more and more people struggle to simply make ends meet.”

“The old political consensus is finished. We are staking out the new center ground in British politics, backing the things which most people want but are blocked by vested interests,” he said in his message released on New Year’s Eve.

Corbyn wants to lead his party into the 2022 general election as British Prime Minister Theresa May’s popularity is declining over Brexit.

May is currently under pressure to provide a meaningful plan for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), something she has failed to do more than a year after 52…

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