PressTV-UK Labour to seek no-confidence vote

With only 10 weeks before the punitive Brexit day, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the party will “soon” call a no-confidence motion in the government of Prime Minister Theresa May.

The party would take the measure if lawmakers reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the EU in a vote on Tuesday, Corbyn told BBC One on Sunday.

“We will table a motion of no confidence in the government at a time of our choosing, but it’s going to be soon, don’t worry about that,” he said.

Pressed on the timing by the host, Andrew Marr, Corbyn added, “We’ll have the vote and then you’ll see.”

“We’re not tearing up the treaty of Rome any more than the EU wants to tear up the treaty of Rome,” he said. “What we’re saying to the EU is: this is the political situation in Britain, where we have a country that’s divided on this issue. We want to bring them together; a trade relationship helps to bring people…

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