PressTV-UK Labour leader gaining as ‘paralyzed’ Tories fall

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s chance to become the next British Prime Minister is rising amid the “paralyzed” Conservative government’s failure to address the country’s problems, says an scholar in London.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, an economist and university professor, made the remarks while discussing Corbyn’s New Year message.

The main opposition leader said his party was going to take “new center ground” in the UK politics because the Conservative Party was “finished.”

Doubling down on Corbyn’s point, Shakespeare said the outcome of the snap general election in June showed how Labour was gaining.

When she called for the early elections, Prime Minister Theresa May thought she would score an easy win over Corbyn but ended up losing her parliamentary majority. Consequently she was forced to strike an embarrassing deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to save her throne.

“It became clear in…

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