PressTV-UK knew of 2001 Qaeda captive torture: Report

British intelligence agencies, both the MI6 and the MI5, were aware that a captured member of al-Qaeda was tortured and placed inside a sealed coffin at a US-run prison in Afghanistan.

Through a close analysis of redacted official documents, the Middle East Eye website established that an MI6 officer was aware that CIA staff had placed Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi inside a coffin before being loaded onto a truck and driven to an aircraft that was waiting to fly to Egypt.

In an incident report sent to MI6 headquarters in London, the officer and his colleagues reported that “we were tempted to speak out” at the treatment of Libi, but did not.

“The event reinforced the uneasy feeling of operating in a legal wilderness,” they said.

Ali Mohamed Abdul Aziz al-Fakheri was a Libyan national captured in Afghanistan in November 2001 after the fall of the Taliban. He was interrogated by the American and Egyptian forces.

Despite being aware that…

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