PressTV-UK jails ‘incubators’ of terrorism, says expert

A former prison governor in Britain has called on authorities to separate terrorism convicts from other inmates, saying jails in the country have become “incubators” of extremist and radical behavior.

Ian Acheson, who had led an official review into extremism in UK prisons, said Thursday that the government had repeatedly ignored calls for a separation of the most subversive offenders from other inmates in UK prisons.

“Prisons in the UK, in particular in England and Wales, have become incubators of extremism,” Acheson wrote in an essay.

“Policymakers can and must at least remove those most able to capitalize on this chaos by spreading the message of violent extremism.”

The former prison official said nearly half of those convicted for terrorism-related activities in the UK last year entered overcrowded and squalid prison facilities where thousands of other inmates are held.

He added that many of those convicts become even…

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