PressTV-UK group calls for Prince Harry’s murder

Police in the United Kingdom are investigating a neo-Nazi group which insists Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, should be assassinated because he betrayed the English race by marrying an mixed-race American movie star.

Police said on Thursday that the Sonnenkrieg Division, which is the British offshoot of a violent American neo-Nazi group, was under investigation for the call which had reportedly come as part of a post on the group’s social media page containing a picture from Harry with a gun to his head.

The picture showed Harry, the second son of the heir to the British throne Prince Charles, with his image superimposed on blood and a swastika and captions which read “See ya later, race traitor!”

The police announcement came after the BBC aired a program investigating hundreds of messages sent by extremists on an online gaming server over several months, including messages by key figures in the American neo-Nazi…

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