PressTV-UK govt. ‘concerned’ by Saudi killing of Yemeni civilians

The UK government has voiced “serious concern” over the rising numbers of civilian casualties from Saudi Arabia’s years-long military aggression against Yemen, even as London refuses to end its extensive arms deals with Riyadh.

“The Government expresses serious concern at the tragic loss of life in Yemen over the last month. In the first two weeks of August alone, over 400 Yemenis lost their lives, including young children, and many more continue to face egregious violations of their basic human rights,” read a statement by Prime Minister Theresa May’s office on Sunday.

Since the beginning of the unprovoked war in March 2015, Riyadh had enjoyed the unconditional support of its Western allies as the Royal Saudi Air Force and its regional peers kept pounding what they claimed were positions of the Houthi Ansarullah Movement across Yemen.

However, the Saudi regime found itself in hot water last month when a surge in civilian…

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