PressTV-UK FM mocked over ‘global Britain’ comments

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s pledge for a “global Britain” after leaving the European Union (EU) has been dismissed as “hot air” after reports revealed that his department is cutting back embassies around the world to fund European embassies.

Apparently, the UK Foreign Office is planning to add 50 extra staff to its diplomatic missions across the EU and promote diplomats in small countries to higher levels, government officials have told members of the parliament.

Caroline Wilson, Europe director at the Foreign Office, reportedly told MPs that countries like Malta and Luxembourg had become “more important” in the aftermath of the June 2016 referendum, where 52 percent of Brits voted to leave the EU, the Independent reported Saturday.

The big change comes at the expense of diplomatic missions in places such as Asia and Africa, which will be hollowed out of their resources over the time.

The plan contradicts remarks by…

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