PressTV-UK faces risk of increased far-right activity: Study

A major study in the UK has concluded that Britain is hugely divided across cultural, age and education lines, warning of a potential rise in far-right and anti-Islam sentiments unless politicians tackle long-standing xenophobia that led to the Brexit vote.

The Guardian newspaper published the results of a survey by Hope Not Hate, an anti-fascism advocacy group, on Wednesday which showed there was a serious chasm between people living in affluent, multicultural cities and those from struggling post-industrial towns.

The study, which was based on six years of polling and focus groups covering 43,000 respondents, uncovered that people of varying attitudes on immigration and multiculturalism lived in various parts of the United Kingdom and the split was more notable in England than in Wales and Scotland.

It said socio-economic deprivation was a key factor in opposition to migrants and their arrival in Britain, adding that most of the people who…

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