PressTV-‘UK embarrassed by lack of firepower in Syria attack’

Britain’s lack of firepower in the recent US-led attack against Syria was “depressing” as it forced British military forces to play second fiddle to their French peers, military experts say.

The United States, the UK and France attacked Syria on Saturday, claiming that Damascus was behind an alleged chemical attack the town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

While the UK had sent eight fighter jets and one of its advanced warships to partake in the attack, it could only afford to fire eight missiles at Syrian targets in an operation that saw 105 missiles fired in total.

The missiles were launched from four Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado warplanes that were being protected by four modern Eurofighter Typhoon jets and one of the Royal Navy’s $1 billion Type 45 destroyers, HMS Duncan.

Unnamed military sources revealed to the British paper the Times that none of the Typhoons flying in the mission were able to fire the UK’s own Storm Shadow…

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